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Is Your Pet a Senior?

Dogs and Cats over the age of 7 are considered Seniors!

November is Senior Pet Month at Wheat City Veterinary Clinic! Learn what to watch for and how you can keep your pet happy and healthy for many more years to come. Join us in celebrating your pets Golden Years!! 

Keep an eye on aging pets

Golden Rules

  • Balance fat and calorie intake to energy output (avoid unhealthy weight gain)

  • Limit salty foods and snacks

  • Gently increase healthy fiber

  • Be sure the diet contains optimal levels of omega fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins (excesses can be harmful too!)

  • Do not feed your pet nutritional supplements disigned for people without veterinary supervision

  • Ask our veterinary team for the most appropriate diet for your senior pet

  • Weight gain or loss

  • Change in Vision

  • Excessive Panting

  • Hair loss

  • Persistent coughing or gagging

In general, dogs and cats 7 years and older benefit from increased care and attention from you and your veterinary team! Getting a check up for your pet can detect common conditions.

We recommend running a Complete Blood Count and a Comprehensive Profile for all senior pet so we can monitor changes in the body that we cannot see physically when performing our annual examinations. 

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