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February Is Pet

Dental Health Month

Oral disease can lead to...

  1. Painful mouth (yes they'll still keep eating!)

  2. Gingivitis (infection of the gums)

  3. Cavities, worn or dead teeth

  4. Loss of teeth and jaw bone density

  5. Nasal Infections

  6. Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions (ask us for more info)

  7. Increased risk of oral cancer

  8. Kidney, heart and liver damage

For the month of February to celebrate happy healthy smiles we offer a 15% discount on all dental cleanings (extractions inlcuded)!

Healthy Habits

For Dental Care

One of the most efficient steps you can take to keep your pets mouth healthy is to schedule annual dental checkups. If your pet forms tartar quickly or has a history of dental problems, more frequent exams and cleanings may be advised.

It also helps to brush your pets teeth before plaque can form. Getting used to brushing can take time, so be patient and make sure to reward and praise your pet with each attempt!

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